About Us: Mission Statement

What is CSPS?

The Chicago Studio of Professional Singing provides detail oriented training to dedicated singers who want to become working professionals.

CSPS is a voice studio which devotes itself to a three fold purpose:

1. To train talented singers. CSPS provides exceptional technical training to singers who are in need of complete vocal training as well as technique for those professionals needing to enhance their previous training. Important elements of technique taught are:

2. To create a complete "performer/artist."

CSPS also provides a platform for advanced singers to participate in professional concerts.

Important elements of technique taught are:

3. To help focus the singer on future career goals. CSPS opens doors to lasting professional careers.
Important elements of technique taught are:

Master classes are offered periodically for singers to get objective critiques and pointers from local directors and coaches.

Berger Mansion

"To build her vocal endurance and explore her range Lisa began working with vocal coach Janice Pantazelos. 'I would take three buses to get to a lesson and two to get back home....but I believed it would pay off someday.'"

-- Lisa McClowry (Lisa continued to study with Janice for 20 years)

"I am very busy with singing in DaCorneto Opera and Chicago Symphony. You are the best voice teacher ever!!!!!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."

-- Laura Boguslavsky