What others have to say about Janice Pantazelos

   "Janice Pantazelos is an artist of particularly rare brilliance and possesses the soul of a true mentor. Not only is Janice sought after internationally as a dramatic mezzo-soprano due to the astounding power and ease of her own sound, but she possesses a unique genius in vocal technique that she generously and tirelessly imparts to her students. As a teacher, she has created an unparalleled system of resonance development which, while universally applicable, allows her to train a voice into its own individual best potential. Instead of a "cookie-cutter" sound within her teaching studio, Janice serves up a whole bakery, and somehow knows with a special genius or intuition a student's "true" sound before it is apparent. She then reaches out with equal parts analytical loigic, highest-caliber pedagogy, and warmest heart to communicate that understanding to the lucky students accepted through the doors of her studio. Being one of those students has been perhaps the greatest fortune of my life!"

      -- AnnaMaria Cardinalli

   "Janice Pantazelos is clearly a master at her art. Her unique teaching method is incomparable. She has developed a technique that is meant to bring out such wonderful resonances in students' individual voices. I have been blessed with 10 wonderful years of vocal instruction under her, and I am grateful to have an instructor who teaches with such enthusiasm and passion every week. Each lesson is a session of new discoveries and successes. Thank you, Janice. You truly are the greatest!"

      -- Grace Sanchez

"I practice every day with your tape.....thanks again for your amazing help it's made a world of difference and I get lots of good comments on the performances."

      -- Artemis

"You have taken me to the place I have always wanted to be-- with your amazing technique and belief in me."

"I listened to my cd several times and tears came to my eyes...honestly because i can't believe I 've finally done something with my voice! I've been singing for 10 years and never dreamed I'd get to this level. It was with your help that made it happen.You are truly inspirational. I hope you know that.Thank you!!!"

      -- Leslie Haas

"You helped me so much Janice and I always keep you in a special place in my heart. God bless you because you are special people. You are the reason I am singign again and so well.  This is a fantastic journey. You got me to that point. Who knows where it will lead now.

      -- Anita Bigger, San Diego Opera 

"Janice Pantazelos is truly one of a kind. Her expertise creating and performing music transcends any other instructor that I personal have come across. Through her amazing training, Janice was able to bring out the true talent in me that I literally never knew existed. If you want to be blown away by your own abilities while getting superb musical training and structure that surpasses a student teacher relationship, I would recommend working with Janice Pantazelos"

      -- Liz Onelyi, Songwriter/Singer SONY, NYC 

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful work you did with me --I am overflowing with gratitude for the gift of your teaching."

      -- Anita Chari 

"You are, frankly, miraculous at what you pull out of all of us."

      -- Michael Mitchell, Jeff Equity Nominee  

"Janice has many gifts. Her own professional singing background and highly skilled, beautiful voice, conveys high confidence to one seeking advice. It is in training with her that you realize too how equally impressive she is as an instructor. She is excellent as communicating and has a high ability to perceive what mechanics and techniques need to be addressed or emphasized. What is most amazing is the efficiency and time she helps you to improve. Give her a year- you will see dramatic results. She really is that good."

      -- Paul Yeager, tenor 

"Janice, thank you for continuing to be the best teacher and mentor a singer could ever hope for."

      -- Grace Konopacki

"Janice is an incredibly insightful and skilled vocal coach with a warm personality and an excellent studio.  I have actually considered moving to Chicago so I could continue working with her multiple times.";

      -- Stephanie Lamm

""If it's possible to give more than 100%, Janice gives that energy and commitment to her students. It's one thing to be as talented as Janice is; what makes Janice extraordinary is that she shares her talent generously, clearly and fully with her students. If you want to improve your vocal ability and to be inspired to achieve more than you ever hoped for, work with Janice."

      -- Mary Ross 

"Janice knows more about the human voice than anyone I've ever worked with! Not only is she an incredible vocalist herself, but a fantastic Producer. She has taught me to “listen” to the voice and how to get the most out of a singer in the perfomance as well as the mix. I now mix like a singer hears it. I love working with Janice because she's a total pro and perfectionist as well as an incredible person."

      -- Kathy Dunaj, Chief Engineer of Sound, Sound/Video Impressions 

"Janice is the Best!! Our daughter Brooke, was recovering from throat damage. Her doctor recommended Janice because of her technical expertise with the success of safe and healthy vocal methods. We were honored when Janice saw the potential in Brooke’s talent and accepted her as her youngest student to study with. Through Janice's teaching techniques, Brooke has grown by leaps and bounds as a vocal artist and learned how to sing in a healthy way. Brooke is now a very happy college freshman at Drake University and is studying in their BFA program for Musical Theatre. We have Janice to thank for mentoring, nurturing and instructing her through her audition process. Not only is Janice an amazing teacher, she brings her students in as part of a big happy singing family!"

      -- Susin Ross Greenberg 

"Janice is a great opera singers and voice teacher. I had the pleasure and honour to meet her 15 years ego in Chicago, and her friendship is a gift for me. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her in the future in project in Rome too..."

      -- Paola Sarcina, PR & General Managment at Jacopo Giovannelli

"Janice builds voices with great enthusiasm and expertise. She is a strong mentor for students wishing to discover their vocal talents."

      -- Ken Cox, Vocal Arts Dept. Chair, Director of Opera Theater Lamont School of Music


"There is so much to say about Janice! Following a remarkable singing career sharing her amazing talent in front of orchestras and audiences, she now shares her gifted talents by teaching and inspiring students from beginners to professionals. She is absolutely devoted to the success of her students, tailoring her approach for each one. I have watched her sculpt voices of true singers from great to outstanding. I have also watched her help someone like me, a total novice, learn via a method that she designed to go from virtually no vocal talent to one with strong potential. She is an outstanding singer, teacher, and woman."

      -- Donna Keegan

"Janice conducted a master class in which several of my private voice students participated while I was a teacher at Jones Prep HS. I found her to be very competent in her knowledge of vocal pedagogy. She was able to pinpoint vocal technique faults and immediately showed my students new ways to conquer problems on which they had been working. She has a great sense of humor which put my students at ease and made them feel comfortable while singing in front of others."

      -- Gaye Klopack

"Santa Fe Cultural Concierge relies on Janice Pantazelos to provide the highest caliber of music entertainment and productions. Janice has the most incredible mezzo-soprano voice that delivers both tenderness and drama to her renditions which spellbind her audiences. Beyond her operatic career, Janice is perhaps THE most gifted voice teacher. Her ability to develop professional singers and to polish their techniques and lead them towards professional careers is unsurpassed. She is internationally acclaimed and sought after by opera houses, singers, as well as the entertainment industry. We fully recognize her genius and are grateful for her sharing her gifts with Santa Fe Cultural Concierge."

      -- Giovanna Cardinalli

"Janice Pantazelos is a world class voice teacher and vocal coach who has helped expand my range and vocal quality and truly taken me to ever higher levels of vocal professionalism and expertise. If you are lucky enough to be a student in the CSPS it will only be a matter of time before you become like me, forever in her debt."

      -- Cantor Scott Simon

"Janice is an incredible teacher. As a student of opera and musical theatre singing, I have worked with many teachers over the years. Ms. Pantazelos pinpoints register placement specifically for each individual leading the singer to profound growth and understanding. I recommend Janice to working professionals as well as beginners. Listen to her!"

      -- Amanda Hartley, JEFF AWARDS winner 2009

"My daughter has been a voice student of Janice Pantazelos for the past twelve years. Through the use of her extensive, healthy and innovative teaching techniques Janice has been instrumental in allowing my daughter to develop from a teenage "belter", (who suffered from vocal nodules), into a healthy dramatic soprano who aspires to a career as an operatic soloist. Janice's knowledge of vocal repertoire in all genres allows her students to be versatile performers."

      -- Lauren Davis


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